Posted by: Mandy | October 25, 2009

11 Hour Layover

Yes, I have one in LA.  I’m really hoping I can get on an earlier flight once I get there.  I was so excited when I found a cheap flight home, I somehow overlooked this.

Claire and our friends, Michelle and Kelly, got into the newspaper here from the day they went to Bondi (I was at my one day of work :)).  You can look at the article here:

Also, they don’t really hate Bondi, that was just the angle of the article.

I’m quite unhappy with the weather here at the moment, it’s rainy and cold.  I wanted to spend my last days in Sydney on the beach so I could go home with a nice tan and be the only one in Marquette who looks like they’ve seen the sun in the past two months.

Found this gem from when we were in Bundy...

Found this gem from when we were in Bundy...



  1. An 11 hour layover, that is just plain crazy!!! I am still not sure how you overloked that one but I hope you have a safe flight home and I will see you sometime in the next few weeks if I come home.

    Love ya seester:P

  2. This must have been taken before I smashed your bottle of Strongbow and you were mad at me the rest of the night… Why didn’t I learn the dangers of glass that night?!

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