Posted by: Mandy | October 21, 2009

Things Are Looking Up

Claire and I finally are starting to get some interviews! Tomorrow, we both have an interview in the morning for a fundraising type job. Then in the afternoon I have an interview for a sales/marketing position at an automitive dealer(I don’t really know what that job entails I’ve applied to so many!). Friday I have an interview for a customer service/inbound call center position. And on Tuesday, an interview with a Wildlife fundraising organization. I also talked to a representative that said if they had positions open I could start working Monday as a general office assistant. So here’s hoping something works out!

Claire and I have managed to do a little sight seeing in between the job hunts. Monday night we walked to Darling Harbor. It was so pretty on the water with everything lit up, unfortunately my camera was not so great at capturing night shots.

Darling Harbor

Darling Harbor

Last night we finally met up with Andy, Marlow and some of their friends. Claire met Andy and Marlow when she was in Sydney last year and we hung out with them once when we first arrived in Sydney so it was good to see them again.

Today it was so hot out that Claire and I had to go to the beach. So we headed to Bondi Junction and spent the day at Bondi Beach. The water was still a little too cold for swimming (for me anyway), but we had fun attempting to get rid of our terrible fruitpicking tan lines and watching the surfers.

Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach



  1. Ah, you two are soooooooo cute!
    I’m glad to hear things are looking up. I hope you can both find work soon. Mandy, you are almost as blond as I am. I’m happy to see you are still able to have a little fun mixed in with all of your job hunting.

    I love and miss you much!

    • Love and miss you too Mom!

  2. Mandy; Hope you find a job soon! Try to get
    a job that pays a salary instead of a commission
    only so that you have a steady income. Good
    luck! Love, Grandma & Grandpa
    PS – Do they have any Temp Agencies there?

    • Thanks Grandma, There are a couple temp agencies here, Claire and I have been trying to contact as many as we can! Love you!

  3. Mandy – You’re looking good. I would hire you!

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