Posted by: Mandy | October 8, 2009

Byron Bay-The Lighthouse

Claire and I walked up to the Cape Byron lighthouse this morning.  It was quite the hike, but so worth it.  We had to walk 2.2 kilometers through the rainforest.  About 10 minutes into our walk, Claire and I saw a large hole in the ground underneath a tree root.  I said to Claire,”I wonder what lives in there…”, and she said she didn’t want to find out.  Shortly after that we  practically tripped over this thing and started screaming our heads off…

Byron 001

This happens to be a very large goanna.  He was just chilling on the path and Claire and I both walked right by him before we realized he was there.  He didn’t seem to disturbed by our yelling and even stayed for a picture.

The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse

We finally reached the lighthouse and the view was amazing.  We even saw some whales and a pod of dolphins in the ocean off the point.  It was so amazing and cool.

View of Byron from the Lighthouse

View of Byron from the Lighthouse

There were some amazing views of the ocean and coastline, we also saw all the surfers out on the waves.

Byron 010

Claire and I also walked out to the most easterly point off the lighthouse so we were the closest to home as we’ll ever be while standing on Australian land 🙂

View from the Eastern Point

View from the Eastern Point

We ran into more Australian wildlife on the walk back when this Australian Bush turkey decided to walk right up to us.

Australian Bush Turkey

Australian Bush Turkey

Tomorrow Claire and I will be having a 4 hour surf lesson with the Mojo Surf crew so wish us luck!



  1. Wow, the scenery is beautiful. I wish I were there right now because it has rained every day for the past 2 weeks. Have fun, miss ya seester. Let us know how surfing went!

  2. You had a beautiful day to be in a beautiful place. Blue skies and blue waters. Wow! That ocean! Hope your surfing lesson was successful. Thanks for keeping us up on your travels. So many people ask how the two of you are doing and we can show the zucchini farm photos and now these too. Enjoy paradise!

  3. Mandy,

    Thank you for the lovely updates. Love the pictures.
    You girls look to be having a wonderful time. I envy you your travels.
    Has Claire lost her computer?

    Claire’s grandmother,


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