Posted by: Mandy | September 24, 2009

The Escape Plan

As I was walking down a row of zucchinis this morning, for probably the 700th time at least since I arrived in Bundaberg, I thought to myself,”I’d really love it if I never had to pick another freaking(something like freaking anyway) zucchini again.”  This of course got me to thinking about how much longer I want to stay in Bundaberg.  Which happens to be not long at all.

Claire and I are not really fond of the new people in our unit.  It’s not that they’re bad people, it’s mostly that they are replacing people that just can’t be replaced.  And the unit has been overloaded with girls, girls who complain about the dirt, who would rather watch Home and Away instead of the Simpsons, and who thought vacationing on Fraser Island was hard work.  I miss my boys.

So Claire and I decided that instead of spending a bunch of money going to Cairns and then having to come back and work for a month or so we are going to skip it (as much fun as it would be).  We are planning on leaving Bundaberg on Thursday, then we’ll be heading to Fraser Island for 3 days, stopping in Noosa, and Byron Bay and maybe a few other places on our way to Sydney.  As of this moment, we’re contacting our friends in Sydney looking for job leads and places to crash 🙂

Bundaberg has definitely had its moments and I’ve met so many people here that I’m grateful to have met, but our time is up here and it is definitely time to move on.



  1. Mandy, since Claire doesn’t post pictures, make sure you put up lots of pictures of the places you are going!

  2. Well that sounds like a good plan. Just make sure to send many emails and call to let your parents know you are safe. Also take many pictures so I can see the wonderful places you are going.

    Love ya Kiddo, miss you lots! Be safe.

  3. Hey God Baby sounds like it was time to try something else. Hope your trip is great. Keep us informed.

  4. Hi Mandy – I did it again – sent you a note but
    forgot to push SUBMIT! I hope your next
    adventure goes well. I’ll be looking to hear from you soon. Just want you to know we love you.
    Take care – Be good – Keep Safe! We picked
    potatoes at a farm by the lake after the machine
    pickers went thru; got 6 5-gal. buckets – nothing
    like you’ve been doing! Love,
    Grandma & Grandpa – Now I will push submit!

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