Posted by: Mandy | September 21, 2009

We’re on Holiday!

Tinkerbell aka John left on Saturday, which was sad, but we got to see him at the pub that night.  And Marc is leaving on Wednesday so we are still losing people 😦  Two English girls have moved in though, Kim and Kelly, they’re really nice.  They like to do dishes and clean moldy food out of the fridge too so there’s a bonus too!

Claire and I almost got kicked out of the hostel last week along with 17 other people because John, the hostel manager, is an unhappy man with anger issues who decides he needs to go on a power trip occasionally.  But things have calmed down considerably this week anyway.  Claire and I might be going up to Cairns though to meet up with Kristian, Dan, and James for a mini vacation from the hostel.

Nothing much new to write about, still picking zucchinis 6 days a week 🙂  Dan and James are going to be stopping through Bundy this weekend and I can’t wait to see them again even if it’s only for a short time.

Oh and I had to post this here, if you recall my happy Monday picture, this is the entire crew decked out in their ladies night attire 🙂




  1. Mandy Honey –

    After seeing your latest posted picture – I’m a little worried about the company you are keeping me dear!! ( Just kidding!)

    Love and hugs.

    • Haha, I’d worry a little… 😀

  2. I’m happy to see you are in a better mood than when I spoke with you last. By the way, the 3rd guy from the left makes quite an attractive lady!!!!!!!!!!
    (sorry, but I couldn’t resist). Hope you continue to have fun on your Aussie Adventure.

    Love and miss you Kiddo.

    • Yes, Tom really worked it that night…

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