Posted by: Mandy | September 16, 2009

You Remind Me of Home

On Sunday Claire and I went with some of our friends from the hostel to Duke’s organic farm. It’s one of the farms that some of the backpackers work on from the hostel. Duke’s has a lake on their property and the farmer, Darren, was having a barbeque near the lake for the people who worked on the farm and their friends. It was nice to have something fun to do on Sunday since the boys had just left.

The lake was so nice; it reminded me a lot of going to the lake at home. They had a floating raft in the water and a “speedboat” complete with tubes, wakeboards, and kneeboards. The speedboat was interesting, Claire and I had heard about it before we got to the lake that day. When we got there we basically saw this one seat little boat thing with an outboard motor on it, not quite the speedboat we were expecting, but it got the job done.

The food at the barbeque was amazing; the farmers here really know how to have a good barbeque. There were bbq ribs and lamb chops, chicken skewers, sausages, and plenty of beer. Almost everyone had a turn on the tube. It was a lot of fun, but my knees were completely black and blue the next at work from it. Claire and I also got to see a baby goanna in one of the trees while we were there. It was about 3 feet long and quite good at climbing the tree. It was cool seeing one in the wild; I’ve only seen them on Crocodile Hunter before 🙂

I was back on zucchinis today, I thought I’d be happy to be back on them, but I actually prefer sweet potatoes now. My feet and jeans didn’t get soaked and I didn’t stink like the zucchini fertilizer 😛 And there were so many mosquitoes in the field this morning! That’s something from home I didn’t miss…



  1. We miss you! You sound a little sad. Hope you get back on sweet potatoes, I like them better than zucchini, too. I’m sure it’s tough to see your friends leave but soon you will make new friends and create some more memories that will last forever! I know I don’t write often but I always “keep one eye on you” through your great blog. Thanks again Mandy, for being so faithful with all the info.

    Love and hugs!

    Auntie Judy

    • Looks like I may be stuck on zucchinis for the time being 😛 Claire and I just missing people right now, but Dan and James are coming back this weekend for a few days and we might go up to Cairns to see them and Kristian in a week or so. Hopefully, it will be a nice break 🙂 Miss you too! ❤

  2. Hi Godbaby:
    Your on my mind and in my heart. Kathy and I just got back from Rendezvous and we probably smelt as you did after your day in the field. It was great weather, dry and warm. Keep on writing I love to read of your advenures.

    • Hey Aunt Debbie, I got my birthday card/letter in the mail the other day! Thank you, loved the popsicle card 🙂 Hope you had fun at Rendezvous! Miss and love you!

  3. whats a goanna?

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