Posted by: Mandy | September 11, 2009

Unit 8 Goodbyes

This weekend and the upcoming week are going to be really crappy for lack of a better word.

Practically everyone who was here when Claire and I first got here is leaving for other places in the upcoming weeks.  This called for an outing to the bar, excuse the follwing pictures, everyone was acting quite giddy that night.

Kristian is getting on a bus for a 20 hour bus ride to Cairns at 11pm tonight.  I’m going to miss my fellow Norwegian.

Norwegian Love

Norwegian Love

Dan and James are leaving Saturday morning which I have not been looking forward to since the middle of August when they were originally supposed to leave.

Dan and James with Mal's Harvest Crew

Dan and James with Mal's Harvest Crew

Marc is leaving in about 2 weeks and John is leaving sometime soon also.  It’s going to be quite somber around the unit for awhile, but hopefully we will get some cool new people coming in.

Part of the Unit 8 Family :)

Part of the Unit 8 Family 🙂



  1. Hi Mandy,
    Sounds like your birthday was fun! We just
    got home from the lake. The weather was
    great. Grandpa did quite a bit of fishing –
    You should see the size of the sunfish he
    caught – They were big! and they were
    yummy! If you get home soon I have
    some frozen. Happy Birthday a little
    late. I sent a card but don’t know how
    long it takes to get to you. Love Ya!

    • Hi Grandma! I got my birthday card, I sent you an e-mail when I got it, I don’t know if it got sent out though, the internet is a bit strange here…Some of the backpackers caught sunfish in the river here the other day. Love you! Mandy

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