Posted by: Mandy | September 11, 2009

Hostel Olympics

Yesterday, John from our unit decided to make up something called Hostel Olympics.  The units and the house would compete against each other in 6 events.  The events were consisted of tug of war, a three legged race, carrying an egg on a spoon, a slow bike race, dodge ball, and a vegetable hunt.  As you can tell the boredom that comes along with the routine of being at a work hostel leads to some creative ideas to keep things fun and remind people we’re still on vacation.

Dan (our team captain) and John represented Unit 8 in the tug of war match, which we lost quite quickly ending with Dan and John in the hostel swimming pool.

Tinkerbell and Dan

Tinkerbell and Dan

Claire and I were the participants for the three legged race.  The race ended at the swimming pool where you had to untie your legs and jump in.  The idea of jumping in a swimming pool was not very appealing at the moment so we came in last…

At the Starting Line for the 3 Legged Race

At the Starting Line for the 3 Legged Race

Kristian was our guy for egg in a spoon race, the Unit 12 girls had been practicing all day so we didn’t really stand a chance in that one.  I think Kristian came running over the finish line with a spoon sans the egg.

Yes, one of the guys is dressed like a woman...

Yes, one of the guys is dressed like a woman...

The slow bike race finally brought some glory to Unit 8.  The point of a slow bike race is to reach the finish line in the slowest time possible without setting your feet down, falling over, or riding out of the lane.  Dan won that event for us by at least 5 minutes, it helped that he rides BMX, haha.

Bundaberg 120

Dodgeball was also quite intense, we came in second with Claire, Marc, and John playing for the Unit.

We were in third place overall at this point, but the veggie hunt was kind of a disaster.  One of the judges hid zucchinis with the Unit numbers on them inside the house and the goal was to find the zucchini with your unit number on it.  Claire put forth a good effort, but I think there was some cheating and our zucchini wasn’t found until after the Hostel Olympics had ended.

It was nice to have the entire hostel really get into something together and even the people who didn’t participate in any events had fun watching everyone else.



  1. very strange….but I am glad you are enjoying yourself….LYBT DAD

    • Hehe, it was entertaining! There’s not much to do around here so we try to make our own fun 🙂 LYBT too!

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