Posted by: Mandy | September 7, 2009


So Friday was my birthday and even though I had to work it was a really nice day.  Before I went to work I got a card from the unit that all the guys and Claire had written in.  John attempted to sing me happy birthday, but it was a little too early in the morning for that, haha.

The zucchini bays that Paul had us picking ran out so Claire and I got put on the sweet potato crew on Monday.  Sweet potatoes kind of suck, I am really going to miss zucchinis.  For sweet potatoes, we have to go up and down the rows and pull up the vines and shake the potatoes off, and then we have to go back over the rows after the vines are pulled up and dig out and pick up all the potatoes and put them into crates.  Picking up the potatoes really isn’t too bad, it is a lot more physical the zucchini picking though.  There are also lots of little critters underneath the chunks of dirt in the field.  I saw a few really big cane toads; found a mouse sitting under some dirt, and a couple big spiders too.

So that is what sweet potato picking entails, packing is worse.  All the potatoes look different so it’s hard to size them.  So I was quite happy when I went to work Friday and the ground was too wet to do sweet potatoes.  Instead Paul had us do a last pick on the old zucchini bays, there wasn’t much to pick so it was incredibly easy.  We packed the zucchinis and helped the other crew plant for awhile which degenerated into a mud fight in the field.  After we finished that Paul had a barbecue for everyone.  The food was so good, he makes his own burgers and they were delicious.  So work was actually fun and easy for once.

I didn’t want to eat pasta on my birthday so Dan and I cooked dinner together.  We made chicken curry and it was so good.  On Saturday, Claire made me a birthday cake and Kristian (his birthday is on Monday) was able to convince the hostel manager to let us drink at the hostel from 6-9 since we usually aren’t allowed to have alcohol.

Birthday People (I cut my thumb slicing tomatoes for the tacos...)

Birthday People (I cut my thumb slicing tomatoes for the tacos...)

So the unit made tacos and we all had dinner together which was really nice (everyone ended up eating the leftovers for breakfast this morning with my birthday cake, haha).  After we hung out at the hostel and drank a bit everyone headed out to the pubs.  It was a pretty excellent birthday.


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