Posted by: Mandy | August 30, 2009

Elliot Head

Yesterday the hostel drove us out to the beach again.  We went to Elliot Head this time, Claire and I had been there before when it wasn’t really warm yet.  The weather was gorgeous again and it was a beautiful day to be near the ocean.

Elliot Head

Elliot Head

I didn’t really do a lot of swimming, it was a lot calmer than Mon Repos so you couldn’t just swim out and get pushed around by the waves.  Also there’s a channel that runs through the beach between some sand bars where fish like to hang out and because fish like to hang out there, sharks also like to hang out there too.  So it made me a little nervous swimming across the channel…

Bundaberg 086Last time we were at Elliot Head, we got wedges with sweet chili sauce and sour cream at this little shop near the beach.  They are amazing so Claire and I both had to get them again.  Sweet chili sauce should really become a more prominent condiment in the States, it’s amazing on pretty much everything.

Dan and I

Dan and I

Obviously Dan has been here a lot longer than I have.  I will be tan someday, haha.

Claire and I have today off because the zucchini bays have been picked to their limit.  Paul thought they would last another week so he thought he’d have time to set up for vining and planting.  So he’s rotating the zucchini crew until he’s ready for us to start planting.

So today we’re just hanging out around town, here at the library for a little bit, then getting lunch at one of the shops, and going to the local art museum.  Nice relaxing day 🙂  Love and miss you all!



  1. claire says that since youre in the future you have robots and hovercrafts. why dont you ever take pictures of those?

    • The camera flash messes with their data drives.

  2. Beautiful photograghs, Mandy!

    Happy Birthday! Wishing you many more. Enjoy yourself safely.


    • Thank you! As of right now I will be enjoying my birthday picking sweet potatoes, haha 🙂

  3. The beaches look awesome! The sharks wouldn’t even bother me because you know how I don’t really want to go in the water anyway.

    Have a great birthday kiddo! Have fun within reason.

    I saw Brian and Jess and the kids. I got many hugs and had some time to visit them before they left. Little Boone looks just like Brian when he was little.Very cute.

    As always, I miss you.

    Love, Mom

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