Posted by: Mandy | August 27, 2009

Bits and Pieces

It’s been getting very hot here and it’s not even summer yet!  It was 28 degrees celsius yesterday, I can’t be bothered to convert that to fahrenheit, but it was not a comfortable temperature to pick squash in.

We’ve been seeing a lot of very strange insects in the fields lately, like today there were swarms of little green flying bugs in the squash field.  One of the girls found a little guy that had little balls on his antennae that he kept waving around while he walked, pretty cute and better than finding a snake in the field.  So yeah, been seeing lots of Australian wildlife in Bundy…

This morning was nice because it was really foggy so the morning was quite a bit cooler than yesterday.  We also finished early so Claire and I are just at the library for a bit and then off to do some shopping.

There’s a bulk food store here called Nana’s Pantry, the backpackers love the place.  They sell a lot of dry goods that are grown locally.  The big seller for the backpackers are the banana chips for $7 a kilo so you can get a giant bag of them for very cheap.  I’m not fond of banana chips though, it’s usually dried apricots and cherry bites for me (the cherry bites are the same as a candy bar called Cherry Ripe that’s sold here, it’s cherry flavored coconut covered in dark chocolate, so good).  But Claire and I will be making a stop there today, there’s so much good stuff in there, it’s really hard to choose what to get.

My birthday is coming up soon, turning 23 does not sound very appealing at the moment, but everyone at the hostel is always shocked to hear that Claire and I aren’t 18 or 19 so I guess it’s alright.  But if anyone would like to send me a postcard or a letter, I’d really appreciate it!  My address here is: 64 Barolin Street, Bundaberg, QLD 4670 Australia.


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