Posted by: Mandy | August 16, 2009

Around Bundy

Saturday was amazing. I’m so glad I took the day off, I really needed it. There’s some cold going around the hostel and I haven’t been feeling the best.

Dan and I went out for lunch at the Metro. The food was amazing, I had the seafood basket which was scallops, prawns, calamari, and fish with lemon aioli. So good and a nice change from pasta, haha. After lunch we walked down by the river and through the Bundaberg zoo which basically consists of two wallabies and an ostrich.

Boats on the River

Boats on the River

The weather has been gorgeous this weekend. I still haven’t gotten tan yet and it’s strange being pasty white in Bundy so hopefully I got a little color this weekend.

Lizard Thing

Lizard Thing

This guy was chilling in the park. Apparently really used to people too because I walked right up to him and nudged him and he barely moved.



  1. kidnap the wallabys. bring them to me.

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