Posted by: Mandy | August 14, 2009

A Real Weekend

Claire and I decided to take off Saturday and Sunday this weekend.  I am ridiculously excited about this.  Having just Sunday off kind of sucks because everything is closed on Sunday so you can’t go anywhere and you’re tired from going out the night before so you just lay around and don’t do much anyway.

It is getting ridiculously hot here which makes zucchini picking suck even more than usual, haha.  I really want to go to the beach tomorrow, but I’m not sure how to get there since I don’t really know anyone with a vehicle.

The hostel manager that everyone hates came to work this week.  He switches off with his wife every few weeks.  He decided to come around and take everyone’s stuff off all the unit porches because apparently they are a fire hazard.  Luckily, I managed to take most of Claire and my stuff out of his garbage bag while he was doing this, but we did lose a few socks and our water bottles for work.  People don’t really like him much.

Miss and love you all!  Hopefully I shall be soaking up the sun somewhere nice tomorrow 🙂



  1. Gee honey,
    This guy sounds like a parent. “If you don’t pick up your things, I will throw them away!” Glad to hear you are taking the weekend off. You sound like you are in need of a break. We all need those once in awhile. I’m still waiting. Ha Ha For a minute there I thought you were turning into Claire. You know, it’s been almost a week since youv’e written anything. (Just kidding Claire, I couldn’t resist.)

    You know I love you both right? Have a great weekend.

    Love and miss you.


  2. Hi Mandy! If you want some hot weather you
    should be here. It’s been in the 90s the last few days. I made a zucchini crisp today(something
    like apple crisp)-but apple crisp is MUCH better!
    So guess I’ll throw that recipe away. I was just
    looking for a way to use some of my zucchini.
    Sounds like the soccer game was way TOO
    much fun! Love Ya! Grandma

    • Zucchini crisp does not sound good at all. Claire and I have just been chopping it up with squash and putting it in our pasta. The problem with the weather here is I like it when it’s hot, but not while I’m in the zucchini field, haha 🙂 Love you too!

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