Posted by: Mandy | August 9, 2009

Digger, Digger, Digger, Oy! Oy! Oy!

So last night was pretty amazing.  One of our roommates, John, plays on the local soccer team and had cup finals last night.  Some of the guys from the units decided they were going to dress up in business suits for the game so they all went and bought suits from the local charity shops.  They were also going to bleach their hair, but only 3 people ended up doing that.

Business Time

Business Time

Claire and I also dressed up and were the only two girls who tagged along to the game, but it was a lot of fun.  The locals loved the guys, they were all in character of rich business men and played it up quite a bit.  The photographer reporting the game even took our picture and they might put it in the newspaper(as you can tell nothing very exciting happens in Bundy, haha).

Marc, Dan, Me, and Luke

Marc, Dan, Me, and Luke

As you can see here, Luke was one of the guys who bleached his hair.  Luke had jet black hair before the bleaching, it did not turn out well for him, haha.  The guys kept doing renditions of Afternoon Delight and if you’ve seen Anchorman you’ll understand why.  John’s team ended up winning the match 2 to 1 and taking home the cup.

The Field (John's team is green and gold)

The Field (John's team is green and gold)

It was a ridiculous evening and I’ve never laughed so hard.  It was nice to do something different besides just go to the pub like we do every weekend.  The coach told the guys they need to come to every game from now on.


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