Posted by: Mandy | August 6, 2009

Handstand Thursday

Claire and I are a bit worried about the work situation at the moment.  Paul came to the shed to talk to the crew yesterday.  Apparently, there’s a surplus of zucchinis so the price has gone way down.  So eventually he’ll start losing money by picking them and will just have to plow the fields under.  A lot of the other farms have actually stopped working because the crop season is changing.  Our farm is going to start sweet potatoes next week so hopefully there will be plenty to do with that.

I was planning on taking some pictures of the unit after work today so I can take you on a virtual tour of Unit 8, but then I forgot, haha.  Maybe tomorrow.  Instead, I will tell you about how the days of the week work here.  Farm work gets rather montonous and so does living at the work hostel, but there are little things that we all look forward to during the week:

Monday/New TV Shows-On Monday night there’s a new episode of South Park and Flight of the Conchords on tv.

Tuesday/Cheap Pizza-Every Tuesday you can go to the hostel desk and order a pizza for $5.50, then one of the managers picks them up and hands them out at the hostel and everyone rejoices.  Claire and I always split a pizza and because of this we get made fun of by Phil because I think pretty much everyone else eats their own.

Wednesday/The Simpsons-On Wednesday night there’s a new Simpsons episode in widescreen!

Thursday/Handstand Thursday-There was nothing exciting happening on Thursday so Claire, our roommate, John, and I decided we would have a handstand competition at 6pm every Thursday night.

Friday/The Bread Lady-Friday is actually the last day of work for some people, most people actually, but Claire and I are hardcore and work 6 days a week.  But the Bread Lady comes every Friday around 5pm.  If you get there early enough you can get the good stuff, which mainly means rolls with frosting or filled with chocolate and sometimes pizza bread.

Saturday/Central-Saturday is a good day because we don’t work on Sunday and everyone in the hostel usually goes to the local pub/”club” called Central.

Sunday/Day Off!-This day is for sleeping until 11 and then laying around the hostel watching films or bumming around outside.  The only day Claire and I don’t have work and do not have to get up at 5:30am.



  1. i wondered what handstand thursday was after both of you had it on facebook. thank you for the clarification 🙂 im glad it isn’t kegstand thursday, because then i would worry. i miss you guys! im going to start using “the secret” to find money to come visit!! haha! this week you be safe and let claire get in trouble 😉 i think alternating sounds good.

    • Haha, done and done! You should come and visit! That would be amazing 🙂 I came in second in the handstand competition, Claire was disqualified for doing a headstand instead.

  2. Hi Mandy,
    Just got home from the lake this morning.
    Debbie & Keegan and Judy & Joe and kids
    were up for the weekend. Went to “Taste of Dorset” on Sun. The town is all restaurants &
    put their food on the street for everyone
    to buy. Mexican, Italian, American etc.
    Had to pick my garden when I got home;
    Grape tomatoes, cukes, green beans,
    zucchini. So we’re having fresh veggies
    for dinner tonite. Hope you have work!
    Love, Grandma & Grandpa

    • Hi Grandma and Grandpa!
      The Taste of Dorset sounds good, all I’ve been eating is pasta and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, haha. Today Claire, one of our roommates and I made burgers though, they had the works on them, so good. The farmer doesn’t seem as worried anymore about the market so I think we should have steady work for awhile. Love you and miss you! Mandy

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