Posted by: Mandy | August 1, 2009

Hostel Circus

As of this week’s pay period, I now have as much money as I brought to Australia with me.  I’m very excited about this, I worked 47 hours this week and will probably work that much for awhile so I am pretty excited about my money earning potential at the zucchini farm.

Kristian, one of my roommates, bought juggling balls last week.  They just kind of appeared on the table one day and nobody really knew who they belonged to, but people just started picking them up and attempting to juggle while making dinner or whatever.  So we now have some guys who are very good at juggling.  One of the hostel managers also happens to own a unicycle.  Last night the guys had the unicycle and juggling balls out so we basically have our own backpacker circus here now 🙂

Claire and I both took tomorrow off, I am really looking forward to sleeping in and having some fun tonight.  It’s really not bad working at the zucchini farm, even though we work long days, it goes by fairly quickly and it’s easy to get bored sitting around the hostel anyway.  We’re one of the few farms that has a lot of hours too so we’re lucky.

I need to take my camera to work someday, the sun is always just rising over the field when we go out to pick, it’s really quite pretty.



  1. is Claire still there with you? Haven’t heard from her in the longest time.

    • Haha, she’s still here. I’ll let her know to get on that 🙂

  2. I’ve learned to juggle at work and I’ve found a unicycle on freecycle, but the woman is hoping to do a trade instead of just giving it to me. I hope I can find something worth the trade.

    I’m glad to hear that you’re having such a great time! 🙂

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