Posted by: Mandy | July 29, 2009

No Strings Attached

I always think of things I want to write about while I’m picking zucchinis in the field and then forget it all once I’ m back at home and in relax mode.  It’s quite obnoxious.

Today was nice because the picking crew just had to pick 4 bays of zucchinis today and then Paul let the people who didn’t want to pack go home.  So Claire and I were done around 1:30, my back is quite happy about that, haha.

People are going to be leaving soon that were here when Claire and I arrived.  I don’t think I am going to be able to handle it very well.  This place is different from other hostels because people stay here for months at a time instead of just a few days so it’s going to suck when people we’ve grown close to have to leave.

I was thinking this morning about how glad I am that I have decided to do this.  I don’t think I ever felt more free and not tied down to anything in particular in my life.  Sure, there’s student loans and eventually my visa will run out, but right now Claire and I can bascially go and do whatever we want when we’re through with our 3 months of work.  I already have made as much money as I brought to Australia so I’m feeling pretty good about that right now.

There’s no pressure here really.  Even though I’m only 22, back at home I still felt pressure to live my life a certain way.  Go to college, get a job, get married, have kids, etc.  Facebook makes that all worse, seeing people I went to high school with doing the above.  I’m happy I am getting the chance to do as I please and travel and meet new people.  It’s neat to think that if I ever decide to go to France, Germany, Ireland, England, or Norway now that I will have people I can visit.

And while picking zucchinis in a field may not be the most glamorous thing ever, it is still something I never thought I would be experiencing.  And that is what I will tell myself when I wake up at 5:30 tomorrow morning with a sore back 🙂



  1. You are adding to your resume in ways that speak so much louder than the expected norm of actions that have been taken by others. You are on track to have a job, home, marriage and children and when all that happens you will be more content to enjoy those life options because of your adventures to look back upon knowing you are capable of taking advantage of opportunities. My co-workers ask about you two all the time and are living in your adventure as they work 9-5. We appaude you both. And we are so proud of your spirit! Thanks for the blog.

  2. Hey Mandy –

    Thanks so much for updating us. I really enjoy traveling with you! I think you are doing what everyone wishes they had done. Take some time, get away, earn what you need and just enjoy as much as you can. You will never regret doing this. We miss you! Enjoy!

  3. Hey kiddo,

    I’m really happy that you are so happy! I think you are a very special person with many talents. I miss you terribly, but I’m happy you are doing something you love. You are way to young to worry about kids and marriage. As for the job, you will have the rest of your life for that. As for the home, you have one here when you are done with your adventure!

    Love ya bunches baby girl!
    Daddy says LYBT

  4. Hey Mandy, I’m glad you are having so much fun!! I love your updates on here. Keep it up 🙂
    Love to you and Claire!

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