Posted by: Mandy | July 26, 2009

That’s the Way We Get By

Yesterday evening some of the guys went to the park to play a game of soccer or football as pretty much everyone besides Americans call it.  Claire, our new roommate, Helena, and I went along.  It was so much fun and nice to do something besides hang around the hostel.  We passed the ball around for awhile and then split into teams and had a game that lasted over 2 hours.

Claire and I were team captains and the game was pretty brutal, haha.  We definitely held our own against the guys and both of us have some bruises to prove it (I also had a bloody scraped up hand, but that was thanks to Claire).  I was so tired after playing, I have been working at the zucchini farm about 8 hours every day this week(can’t wait to see my paycheck).  And I chose to work today, but I have tomorrow off so it will be nice to have a lazy Sunday.

More fighting about pronunciations with the English.  Apparently Claire and I say coffee, hot chocolate, basil, and herbs in a really hilarious way.  When Marc mocks us it kind of sounds like a combination of Fran Drescher and Sarah Palin which I do not think and hope that I sound like at all.

Saturday Night

Saturday Night

Here’s Gustav, me, Jarren, and Claire at the hot weekend spot in Bundaberg.  Not the best picture, but I haven’t posted pics in awhile and you can see Claire and I are still in one piece 🙂

We work hard and play hard :)

We work hard and play hard 🙂

And here is Claire and I with our lovely roommate Marc, that is his signature picture taking face by the way.  Marc likes to make fun of Claire and I for talking like Minnesotans and we like to make fun of Marc for saying pawn shop the same way you say porn shop.



  1. Hey Sweetheart,
    Your dad would like to see some pics without tongues involved. It was awesome to talk to you last night. Dad and I are getting ready for Sturgis. Love ya baby girl!


    • Haha, I’ll remember that 🙂 I hope you and dad have fun at Sturgis! Love you too!

  2. But pawn and porn are supposed to be pronounced the same way *sides with Marc*

    Pawn Porn. How else would you say them?

    • We say pawn like you would say paw, like a dog’s paw, and then the “n” at the end. Claire and I are from Minnesota though so we also apparently say our “a”s weird, the English guys think proper sounding “o”s are non-existent in they way we talk, haha.

  3. This is so techy for me. Hope my god baby is doing well. I’m so glad you have a chance to experience the world. “YOU GO GIRL”

    love you always
    your favorite god mother.

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