Posted by: Mandy | July 22, 2009

I have a working cellphone again!

I ordered my phone charger on Sunday and it arrived yesterday!  So yay for having a phone again, will call soon mom and dad 🙂

Been working at Arnicar’s all week.  I really like it there, it’s my favorite farm so far.  Paul, the farmer, is really nice and the work isn’t too hard.  Claire and I have been picking zucchinis and squash there.  Today we also did some eggplants which are the easiest thing I’ve done so far.

We get good hours there too, we start at 6:30 and finish between 2:00 and 4:00ish.  It’s also nice because Claire and I are mainly on the picking crew.  Some farmers put girls in the packing sheds, it’s easier, but super boring and I’d much rather be outside moving around than standing and packing crap all day.

Other than that, everything has been good.  We’ve gotten a couple of new people in the unit lately.  The girls finally outnumber the guys so it smells a lot better around here, haha.  Miss and love you all!



  1. Oh, by the way sweetie, did I mention I look forward to talking to you? (Or getting a stinking e-mail or something.)


    PS I hope that didn’t sound sarcastic or anything:).

    • I was on it! 🙂

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