Posted by: Mandy | July 18, 2009

Love Zucchinis, Hate Squash

Claire and I had a good night yesterday.  We went out with some of the guys and our two hostel managers, Phil and Bryan, to one of the pubs.  We didn’t stay out very late though because we had work at the zucchini farm today and had to leave by 6am.

I actually enjoyed parts of work today.  We started out with a first pick on one the zucchini fields.  Basically you have to cut off the weird looking zucchinis so they don’t leech nutrients from the plant.  It was easy and the field was dry which was nice because my shoes didn’t get soggy.

After that we had a break and then did another field.  The plants were older and had been picked before so it was easy to see the zucchinis and there wasn’t much to pick which was nice.

Then after that we started picking the squash field.  I hate squash, I think everyone does.  I’m not sure what kind of squash it is, but it’s small and yellow.  The bushes are very prickly and the squash grows close to the ground so it kills your back.  Also bees love the squash flowers, you can hear them buzzing constantly which is semi unnerving.  Basically, squash picking sucks.

But after we had lunch and finished the field, they let the pickers go home early.  Usually, we would have had to help pack what we picked, but there were enough packers that we got to leave around 12:45.

Felt pretty good when I got home, good mood today and put in a good day’s work.  I’m taking tomorrow off since I’ve worked 5 days this week now and made good hours.  Looking forward to going out with people tonight and sleeping in tomorrow 🙂



  1. you think that picking squash kills your back.No, what kills your back is when jennie submerges a 4 wheeler into a 5 and a half foot deep “Puddle” and you have to jump in and push it out

    • Hey, I had to jump in and push the thing out too. Your back is still messed up bc of moving the couch.

      Glad you have a new phone charger! Now don’t loose this one too:P

  2. Haha, Jennie told me about that 🙂 I still doubt that pushing a 4 wheeler is as back breaking as tramping through a field for 8 hours lugging around buckets of zucchinis, missy. How’s the driving going? Better keep that Blazer in good shape! I want to drive it when I get home 🙂 Love ya sis!

  3. Ha,
    You are both wrong. Bending over a five gallon
    bucket and washing out muddy clothes from the
    three people who got into the hole and the Dad
    who fell in the lake when he tipped the canoe over.
    Now thats killer on an old ladies back.

    Love you kiddo,
    I look forward to talking to you!

  4. Hey Mandy! I’m a picker too – I picked 1 (ONE)
    ZUCCHINI and a handful of grape tomatoes from
    my garden. Now I get to make zucchini bread –
    YUM YUM! The girls caught fish at the lake
    last week end, and we had a big fish fry. They
    were delicious.
    Grandma & Grandpa

    • Haha, our 16 person crew picked and packed 615 crates of zucchini the other day. The farmer said it was a record 🙂 I wish I could have been up at the cabin, it sounded like a lot of fun. Love you grandma and grandpa!

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