Posted by: Mandy | July 15, 2009

I have a home farm!

So I have steady work now, so far anyway…I’m working at Mal’s Sweet Potato Farm in the packing shed.  So here’s a run down of my day Monday-Friday so you can all see how thrilling it is:

6:00am-Wake up, eat breakfast if snooze button is not pressed too many times, put on dirty smelly work clothes and soggy tennis shoes if worked previous day

6:30am-Get into deathtrap of hostel provided vehicle that will take me to work

7:00am-Start packing sweet potatoes, I am doing medium larges, potatoes for medium large varies on who is supervising that day

9:00-9:20am-Smoko break, basically 20 minutes where I eat a Nutella sandwich, I think 85% of the hostel smokes cigarettes, but I don’t plan on taking up that habit

12:00-12:30-Lunch break!  Peanut butter and jelly, an apple, and pizza flavored Shapes (which are delicious and made by the same company as Tim Tams).

Between 2 and 2:30pm-End of the work day, I get to go back to the hostel and fight 4 smelly guys for the shower back at the unit because the rest of my roommates are on the harvest crew.

As terrible as it sounds, it actually goes by pretty fast with the breaks and the work isn’t too bad.  Making $17.00/hour also is rather nice.

I am getting kind of angry about my missing phone charger because apparently no one sells that kind of phone.  I was told to take a bus to Sugarland shopping center and have attempted this twice, but never catch the right bus due to misinformation.  Might just have to buy a new phone entirely and I’ll make sure it’s not some obscure Chinese model this time.



  1. Hey darlin,
    I was very envious of you in the beginning. Now,
    not so much. Your life sounds alot like mine. I get up, go to work. Clean, cook, do laundry and go
    home and do more of the same. The only difference is you make more an hour than I do and I only have to fight one dirty, stinky man for the shower:)

    ps maybe I am still just a little envious!

    Love and miss you kiddo,

    • It’s actually not too bad, it’s still nice to come home and hang out with our hostel family at the end of the day 🙂 We still have a good time. Love and miss you too mom, trying to get my phone situation worked out today so I can call more!

  2. Steady work! You are so fortunate! And transportation provided! And home in time to entertain Claire who is not as fortunate as you. Keep an eye on her for me. And stick together as your mom requested. It does sound as if you are having a great time and I am envious, but most of all glad the two of you are together and making the most of your experience.

    I am always so pleased you have posted a blog because I love to read your comments. You always make me laugh and smile for hours.

    Stay safe.


    • Haha, fortunate for about 3 days. There’s not much work now though because the season is almost over, but the hostel is adding some new farms so hopefully Claire and I will get placed again soon. I promise to keep an eye on Claire. We take pretty good care of each other. We’ve even been writing notes to each other to go with our work lunches (got to stay entertained, haha). Glad you’re enjoying my blog!

  3. what shapes are pizza flavored shapes? that just sounds weird. bring some home for me to try!! (along with these tim tams im constantly hearing about!)

    i miss you guys like crazy. give claire a big hug from me, and you can pretend she’s giving you one from me as well. it will be fantastic. i will know if you don’t actually do it. 😉

    • They are like an elongated hexagon shape and delicious. Yes, Tim Tams and Shapes are amazing, I will definitely try to bring you some. I miss you too! I just gave Claire your hug, she gave me a funny look though…Haha, love you!

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