Posted by: Mandy | July 12, 2009

Beach in Winter

Claire and I finally put in an 8 hour day of work on Saturday which was nice.  Well, as nice as packing tomatoes can be anyway.  We didn’t start until 9:30 which was good because we got to sleep in, but also bad because we didn’t get back home until almost 7pm.  I didn’t wear long sleeves this time for tomatoes which worked a lot better, didn’t get soaked in rotten tomato juice.

Packing tomatoes is one of the better jobs I’ve done here.  You stand along this machine that sorts the tomatoes by size and color into different shoots.  Claire and I had to empty the chutes into boxes until they weighed the correct amount.  You also have to make sure there aren’t any bad tomatoes coming out.  When the box is filled, you mark the color and size and send it along the conveyor belt.  Very interesting stuff, I know.

Today Claire, Mike, Dan, and I went to one of the beaches here.  It was absolutely gorgeous, it was in kind of an inlet of the shore.  It could have been a little warmer, I was the only one who actually went swimming.  I think the locals thought I was crazy, but after living in the UP it still feels warm here 🙂

Hoping for work tomorrow, I think the tomato farm is working again so I’ll probably be doing that.  Oh and I lost my phone charger, I think it might have gotten swept up by the cleaning lady or something.  But apparently no shop in Bundaberg sells that charger so I’m going to have to take the bus to Sugarland, but no phone calls until I get on that…Miss and love you all!



  1. Mandy: I wrote you a comment but I may have forgot to SUBMIT IT so here goes again!We got home from the lake yesterday. We had a good 4th. Cindy & Ron:Judy, Joe & Kids: Dick, Debbie
    & Keegan were there. We set up a tent for the
    girls to sleep in. Grandpa & Joe had lots of neat
    fireworks. Monday Grandpa, Judy, Allie & Tommy
    picked 6 ice cream buckets of strawberries. They could have used your expert help! HAHA! I made
    2 pies, jam, and froze lots & we ate lots. The weather was perfect. Good bye for now, Love,

  2. Hey Mandy,

    Now you lost your charger. First it was your phone.
    I’m afraid to know what will be next! Aunt Judy gave
    your web address to Brian and he is anxious to check it out. Love ya kiddo Mom

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