Posted by: Mandy | July 9, 2009

Never Thought I’d Say This

But I wish I were working instead having days off!  Claire and I have been off since Tuesday.  It’s been quite boring, but people have been leaving and the hostel isn’t accepting any more workers so we should be on a permanent farm soon.  Luckily I already made rent this week from the two days of work I did at the beginning of the week so it hasn’t been a complete waste.

We put our names on wishlists for several farms this morning and we’re at the top of all the lists.  Basically, if someone leaves the farm you are on a wishlist for you automatically start work there.  I think we will probably have work tomorrow since a lot of people take the weekend off so there will be some temp spots open.

Claire finally moved into Unit 8 yesterday.  Even though it isn’t much different than before since she usually hung out here anyway.  Now she just doesn’t have to go to the house at night to sleep, haha.  Anyway, love and miss you all!  Might be going to the beach this weekend so looking forward to that and now that my fingernails are finally clean, I’m sure it’s inevitable that I’ll be back playing in the dirt next week.


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