Posted by: Mandy | July 7, 2009

Lazy Days

Claire and I were off work today and yesterday.  The farm we’re on now usually does two days off and two days on so hopefully we’ll work tomorrow.  It’s pretty boring sitting around the hostel while everyone else is at work.  Also the cleaning lady comes to clean the unit at like 8 am and with everyone leaving at 5:30 in the morning and making a lot of noise you can’t really even sleep in, but you can still make fun of the people who had to get up early when they get back from work so that’s a plus I suppose 🙂

So Claire and I usually go to the library to use the internet and maybe do some grocery shopping at the the shopping center (you would not believe how quickly we go through bread, peanut butter, and jelly here).  It’s nice out today so we’ll probably sit by the pool a bit today too and try to get some sun.  I made over $500 for my first week of work here so I’m pretty happy about that.

On Monday I was back at the farm where I had done snow pea sorting.  Claire and I did some of that again for the morning shift, but then I was put on tomato grading.  Basically you have to roll tomatoes around as they go down a convery belt, throw the semi-crappy ones onto a different belt, and throw out the completely rotten tomatoes.  It wasn’t a  completely bad job except that the sleeves of my hoodie got soaked in rotten tomato juice.  It smelled quite lovely, especially considering the fact that I already hate the smell of fresh tomatoes that aren’t rotten…

Other than that, Workers and Divers isn’t half bad.  I like have a little family here, it’s nice 🙂  It’s just really depressing when people have to leave.



  1. OH man… tomatoes. I have to slice, dice and chop tomatoes in the kitchen. I seriously stunk of juice for the whole shift. I feel ya…

  2. for*

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