Posted by: Mandy | July 5, 2009

4th of July Festivities

Claire and I had a pretty good 4th of July for being in Australia.  We had corn dogs and chips at a little restaurant (real American food, haha).  Then did a little shopping because we needed hats for work and I needed to replace a hoodie.  After shopping, it was so nice out that we laid by the hostel pool for awhile.

That night we went out with some of the other residents for awhile. Another one of my roommates was leaving so everyone was going out again to have goodbye drinks.

Me, Anna, from Germany, left today :(, Christian, from Norway, and Claire

Me, Anna, from Germany, left today :(, Kristian, from Norway, and Claire

(Don’t worry, mom.  It’s just juice.)

Claire and I were put on the work list for today.  We went out to one of the bigger farms that does a lot of packing.  It was a little weird because it was more like a warehouse than the smaller farms Claire and I are used to.  They had some problems with the crop or something though so we only worked for 3 1/2 hours, but still made about $50 which was nice.  The job was really easy, Claire and I had to sort snow peas coming along a conveyor belt.  We had to pull out the rotten or broken pods.  Basically, we got paid to wiggle our fingers through some snow peas for 3 hours, haha.



  1. That sounds much funner (is that a word) than my
    4th of July. Your cousin Amy came to our little party
    Saturday and wasn’t feeling very well. Actually she
    felt pretty rotten. Sue and Jeff took her to the ER and
    about 9pm they called and Lynn and I went to take their place. Judy and Bub were in Illinois for the weekend. Long story short Amy had to have her appendix out. We have four extra kidlets for awhile
    and your old mother hasn’t been to bed for 2 days.
    Do we know how to party or what!!!!!
    PS Amy is doing fine. Love ya, Mom

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