Posted by: Mandy | June 30, 2009

Pineapples Don’t Grow on Trees

After working at the zucchini farm for the weekend, Claire and I were moved to a pineapple farm.  We worked there yesterday, I was kind of worried at first because I thought pineapples grew on trees and thought we’d be up on ladders with machetes or something (don’t laugh, the other guy who worked with us thought the same).

But they don’t.  They grow in spiky bushes.  And we didn’t actually pick pineapples.  We basically walk down rows of pineapples bushes that are ready to be plowed under and have already been harvested and break of the tops that grow off of the main bush.  These tops are then planted and harvested.  We were excited because the people we worked with said we could take pineapples if we saw them since the field had been harvested already, so Claire, Tom(another backpacker from our hostel), and I grabbed a ton of pineapples and threw them in the work van.  We later found out that since they were all green they would be sour and wouldn’t ripen.

So we had a van filled with worthless pineapples which we generously put into the community veggie/fruit box in front of the hostel office.  People grabbed them right up…

We did get some yellow pineapples on our way out of the farm and they are sooooo delicious.  Claire and I worked there again today, we’ll probably be there all week, but we might be moved to one of their other farms to weed sweet potatoes on Friday.  One bad thing about pineapples is that the bushes are really prickly.  I found out today that my work jeans are too thin when I came home and realized my legs are covered in red spots, it looks like I have the chicken pox, haha.

I’m still really liking the hostel, we’ve met some pretty cool people here.  It’s funny because everyone goes to bed by like 10 pm every night so the place is dead which you wouldn’t expect from a hostel filled with 20 something year olds…They also have bread days where the local bakery brings over their day old bread, one of the managers goes on the intercom and announces it and everybody rushes to the office and starts grabbing stuff 🙂  But yes, they are plenty of free vegetables and bread around so if things get dire, you won’t go hungry anyway.

Overall, I really like Bundaberg, the work kind of sucks, but it could be worse and we should make pretty decent money.



  1. Just wanted to let you know that I have been reading about your adventures and I am very jealous. You are smart to do this before the “real world” takes over your life..things like marriage and kids and work… if you go to Perth, let me know…I have a friend there.

  2. My Perth friend (karen) asked if you had plans to go to Perth?? If so, she has offered a place to stay as long as you are nice and independent – I told her that you are both.

    • I’m not really sure where we will be going after this, but if we decide to go to Perth, I’ll let you know because that would be really nice. We’re going to be in Bundaberg for at least 3 months now so we can get 2nd year visas.

  3. Mandy- I love reading about your travels. So sorry to hear about Ellie- hope you are doing ok. Have a great 4th of July!

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