Posted by: Mandy | June 25, 2009

Hostel Living

Unfortunately, Claire and I are on the waiting list for work, but a bunch of people of leaving on the 29th so we should have some work next week.  I really like this hostel.  It’s a lot smaller than the other hostels we’ve been at and everyone is really friendly.  The people in my unit/apartment are really great and it’s almost homey.  Tomorrow the managers are putting on a bbq for everyone because it’s one of the resident’s birthday.  Should be fun.

Claire and I have found an alternative to using wireless at McDonald’s, today we are at the public library.  Not much to do in Bundaberg, been mostly sitting around at the hostel watching movies with people in the lounge so I hope we can work soon to break things up a bit.  I have also gotten into Master Chef, pretty much Australia’s version of Top Chef, everyone here seems addicted to it.

Once we’re moved up the list, there should be plenty of work it seems, some of the girls I live with have been doing quite a bit of packing work.  I am sad that we missed sea turtle hatching season.  There’s a beach near here where sea turtles lay their eggs every year, that would have been amazing to see.

I think I might need to invest in a new pair of flip flops soon, the ones I brought here have gotten quite disgusting.  Mom and Dad, you’d be proud of the schedule I’m keeping I think, haha.  It’s an alcohol free hostel because of the work, I’ve been out of bed by 8:30 every morning (you feel bad sleeping in when the entire house was up and left at 5:30), been eating a good breakfast too, and going to bed by 11 (the entire hostel seems to have an early bedtime to cope with the early mornings) 🙂



  1. Hey kiddo,
    I’m glad to hear you are taking care of yourself.
    Now you just need to make some money! How is
    life with 9 girls. Do you miss not having Claire in
    your room? I miss you kiddo. Love ya!

    • Hey mom, We should be making money now, we get paid $17/hour at the farm we worked at this weekend so that’s decent. Claire and I have been hanging out in my unit’s living room or in the lounge so I don’t really miss her, haha. Also someone is moving out of the unit next week so Claire is switching.

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