Posted by: Mandy | June 24, 2009

Workers and Divers

Claire and I arrived at the Greyhound station around 11:30 yesterday morning.  Chloe came with us to see us off, which was really sad.  She was leaving for Sydney later in the afternoon by plane.  The bus left Brisbane around noon and we arrived in Bundaberg at 7:30pm.

We had to get a taxi to the hostel and reception had left keys out for us.  None of the managers were there because they were watching the Rugby Union State of Origin game, New South Whales vs. Queensland (very big deal here).

Claire and I were a little freaked out at first because we aren’t staying in the same room at this hostel.  I am staying in a 9 person unit, which is basically like an apartment (kitchen, bathroom, living room, etc.).  And Claire is staying in one of the 4 person dorms in the bigger part of the hostel.  But they people here are nice and it didn’t seem so bad in the morning.

Everyone we’ve talked to has been staying here at least a month.  One of the guys has been here 3 months and has made $3,000 from working.  There seems to be plenty of work.  Claire and I will probably be packing tomatoes 3 times a week.  Hopefully we’ll be able to save up some money and then take a cruise or something along the coast.

Today, Claire and I checked in properly.  The front desk has a puppy which I would like to steal.  We did some grocery shopping so we’ll be able to eat something other than fast food, ramen, and Tim Tams.  Now we’re at McDonald’s using the wireless so we can apply for our Tax File Numbers.



  1. Alright….work…a real job that pays an hourly wage….well I guess maybe I wont see you in a couple of weeks after all..hahahaha LYBT …DAD!! P.S. take care of yourself.

  2. Hey Dad! Yeah, I’m excited to have an income instead of just spending money here. Yeah, yeah, I’ll make sure of it, haha 🙂 Claire and I are taking care of ourselves, even bought some salad to go with our meals 😉 LYBT too!

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