Posted by: Mandy | June 22, 2009

Rain, Rain, Go Away

It’s been raining off and on here since the day Claire and I went to the zoo.  Yesterday was rather uneventful, Claire and I ended up going to the pub in the afternoon with our roommate Chloe (from France, the 3 of us have been hanging out quite a bit).  It’s funny because it’s a pub from another hostel, but somehow we always end up there even if it’s not that great of place.  Oh Tinbilly’s.  Had some pizza and got a jug of beer.  One of the djs knows us now so he always plays our songs while we’re there.

Beautiful Brisbane

Beautiful Brisbane

Today, it was raining again and since we didn’t want to be stuck in the hostel all day, Chloe, Claire and I braved the rain and headed to the Brisbane museum.  Pretty much got soaked along the way, Chloe and Claire had the unfortunate luck of getting hit with spray from a bus as we were crossing the bridge.

Right before the bus got them...

Right before the bus got them...

The museum was entertaining enough.  Lots of really bad taxidermy, haha.  Afterward, we went to a sushi place for dinner, so good.  There’s trivia at the hostel pub tonight, Claire, Chloe and I plan on winning.

Sea Turtle Diorama

Sea Turtle Diorama

Claire and I have also been looking into where we’re going on Wednesday when we leave.  We’re thinking Bundaberg.  All the hostels we’ve spoke to are having a hard time finding fruit picking work because of the rain and cold weather.  Things should pick up in a week though.  Claire and I are hoping to stay in Bundaberg and work for 3 weeks or so and then travel up the coast a bit.



  1. I’m sorry you are getting soaked. We are getting toasted. It was about 95 today and we are supposed to be the same for pretty much the whole week. You and Claire sure traveled a long way to hang out at bad bars. We have plenty bad bars around here. Dad and I were just at one the other day! Love you kiddo. I hope things start going your way soon. Miss you too.

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