Posted by: Mandy | June 20, 2009

Kangaroos, Koalas, and Crocs, Oh My

First off, Claire and I were hired on Friday after going in for our observation day.  Unfortunately, we found out later in the evening that the parent company of the group that hired us was pretty sketchy.  The marketing firm is called the Cobra Group and they basically work a pyramid scheme.  So yea, after the excitement of being employed for about an hour that was kind of a buzz kill.  But we quickly formulated our backup plan and are optimistic once again, haha.

We are checking into fruit picking work farther up the coast.  If we go to Bowen we will be 20 minutes from Airlie Beach, which is a touristy resort town.  So while we are picking fruit we can also apply to hospitality jobs in Airlie.  I’m kind of glad things didn’t really work out.  I’m not very fond on Brisbane, it just seems to be lacking personality or something I can’t quite put my finger on.

Today Claire and I work up at 7 to catch the train to the Australia Zoo.  I have gotten up before 8am every day since I’ve been in Brisbane; I’m excited to sleep in one of these days.  We arrived at the zoo, made our way through the entrance to look at a raging downpour.  While disheartening we still arrived right on time to do the elephant feeding.  So cool.  They had three of their female elephants, Siam, Sabu, and Bimbo out.  You got to walk right up and hold out a piece of fruit or veg for them and then they took it right out of your hand.  Very neat experience.  After that we went to another show to stay out of the rain in the Croc Coliseum, they brought out the elephants again, snakes, flew birds around, and of course did the croc feeding with Monty, their salt water crocodile.

After the show, still raining, so we went to lunch.  I had a burger bigger than my head that I think contained all 5 food groups.  And the rain stopped and it was good, haha.  We got to feed kangaroos, look at wombats, I got to pet a koala, and saw a bunch of other neat animals.  It was a lot of fun, a little sad though because there are photographs of Steve Irwin and his family all over the park, but it was really cool seeing all the crocs he rescued that I had seen on tv.



  1. Thanks for the update, Mandy. You always make me smile even if the subjects are about job scams and raging down pours.

    The zoo photos are marvelous!

    Hope the foot blisters are healing. Long walks on sandy beaches are the best pedicures. Enjoy!


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