Posted by: Mandy | June 18, 2009

Picking Fruit Would Probably Be Easier

Interviews #2 and #3 were today.  The first interview was at 10 am with a sports promotion group.  Claire also had an interview with them at 1 pm.  We both got called back so we will have to get up tomorrow morning and go to a meeting from 8 am-1pm.  So sorry mom, but I’ll have to cancel our webcam date.  But hopefully they’ll hire us, they seem like a more legit company and the manager was really nice.

Claire and I have noticed that the combination of wearing heels for interviews, using public transportation/walking everywhere has really done a number on our feet.  I was going to post pics, but I’m too tired to grab my camera cord now so I’ll spare everyone.  Right now though both my pinkie toes have huge blisters on the outside, the back of my right heel is bloody, and the ankle of my left foot also has a bloody blister on it.  It’s quite cute.  I was almost in tears while I was gimping down to the train station this morning.

Claire and I have been so busy with interviews and call backs that we really haven’t had the chance to do anything fun or see much of the area.  So this weekend we are going to the Australia Zoo (the one set up by Steve Irwin).  I’m really excited for that, it will be nice to do something besides sitting on the train and telling potential employers how enthusiastic and self-motivated I am 😛





  1. Mandy – A bit of advise – Wear Tennies and
    carry your heels in a bag til you get where you’re going. Love, Grandma

    Enjoy the zoo. I would love to see that!

    • I did wear my flip flops and carried my heels to the train station today. Now that I have a job, I think it’s time to invest in some flats 🙂

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