Posted by: Mandy | June 15, 2009

Longest Bus Ride EVAR

Seriously, it was.  There were also only about 2 other people going to Brisbane besides Claire and I.  We got to the hostel at 6 AM, the 5 minute walk there was excruciating, I really hope Claire and I don’t ever have to lug those hiking packs around more than a few blocks.

The hostel is nice, we’re staying at City Backpackers.  Our room is a lot bigger than at WakeUp.  They also have free internet and a heated roof top pool.  The weather here is much warmer than in Sydney, but it looks like we might be getting some rain in the next few days.

Also, Claire and I both have two job interviews lined up!  We have one today at 2:30 so wish us luck!



  1. Did you say 5 minute or 5 mile 🙂 My poooor little princess. Congrats on the job interview. Good luck.

    Love ya hon!!!!!!

  2. 5 minutes! But still it was terrible, those bags are so heavy! Thanks! I have 2 lined up for tomorrow, one at 10am and one at 3:30, so busy day. Love you!

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