Posted by: Mandy | June 13, 2009

Island in the Sun

The weather was gorgeous today so Claire and I decided to go to Manly and hang out at the beach.  We walked down to the harbor and took the ferry over.

Claire and I realized that all our photos are going to be of just own of us or of the cheesy tourist shot variety, haha.  Claire finally got Oporto when we stopped there for an early dinner after the beach.  Currently we are looking for jobs in Brisbane at the local McDonald’s, we’ve been here a lot because they have free wi-fi, haha.

Mom and Dad-I’ll call you on Monday before we leave for Brisbane!  Love and miss you!

Katie-I saw a sign outside a restaurant today for kangaroo kebabs.  Didn’t try them though 😛

Jennie-I miss you and I’m glad I caught you on Facebook last night!



  1. Do try Kangaroo. It’s very nice. Very lean. Next to no fat. You should be able to buy it at Coles supermarkets as well. It’s cheaper than beef and lamb.

  2. I’m glad t hear your having fun but really how do you know you don’t like Kangaroo until you try it. It is wonderful to read about your trip.
    Love Always, Auntie Debbie

  3. Your the best

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