Posted by: Mandy | June 10, 2009

Adjustment Period

Claire and I took the train to Chatswood to meet Rowan for lunch.  We had a lunch at a little pub near the train station.  We sat there for quite awhile on the outdoor patio, it felt nice in the sun, but it is got really chilly when the sun started to go down.  I think it has been in the 50s here, very windy in some places too.

Claire and I were still quite jetlagged after lunch so we went back to the hostel when Rowan had to leave for work and took a nap.  We were ready just to go to bed, but it was only 6:00 so we walked down to an internet café and told ourselves we couldn’t go to bed until 9.

After the internet café, we went back to our room and hung out with some of our roommates for a bit.  There are 4 other girls besides Claire and me.  There’s Sabrina from Canada, she’s been in Australia for 3 months traveling and working.  She has a job lined up in Canada now so she’s going back home on Sunday.  There’s also Anna from the UK, she has also been traveling, but found a job at a call center in Sydney and is moving into an apartment soon.  She’s been at WakeUp! For 3 weeks now!

Both of the girls are really nice, they gave Claire and me some advice about finding work and told us about their experiences.  I think Sabrina is coming with us tonight to see the Festival of Lights at the harbor.  There are two other girls in the room also, but Claire and I haven’t really had the chance to talk much with them yet.  I know Fabian is from Switzerland and there’s another Anna, but I’m not sure where’s she’s from.

Our hostel is really nice, the room is a bit small, but the beds are extremely comfortable.  The lounge areas are nice too.  Claire and I had breakfast at the hostel café this morning; we had grilled cheese and tomato Turkish melts, so good.  We’re planning on checking out the hostel pub with Sabrina after we see the fireworks tonight.

Still waiting on our luggage to come.  It will be nice when it gets here, but at the same time I’m not looking forward to lugging around a huge hiking pack, haha.  Grocery shopping is also in the plan for today; the hostel has a very nice kitchen.  Also Claire and I will be visiting the travel center here to try and get a train booked for going up North and solidify those plans a bit.  Hopefully my next blog entry will have some cool pics, but as of now my camera cord is in my hiking pack…



  1. Sounds like it will not be extremely hard to find a job. How long are you planing on being in Australia? Also, what is the grocery store like? Tell me if you are tired of boring questions. Festival of Lights sounds awesome! (I will google that! LOL)

    • Hopefully at least 6 months, I can stay up to a year though if I decide I want to be here longer. The grocery stores are similar to the stores in the States, but things are labeled differently, there’s a lot more Asian influenced foods available too it seems. The milk comes in regular and lite, juice mainly comes in cartons like the kind soup stock comes in, the eggs aren’t refrigerated, the stores are also a lot smaller in general than stores in the States. Haha, I don’t mind the questions at all! The Festival was awesome, the Opera House kept changing colors and there was another building that was all lit up too.

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