Posted by: Mandy | June 9, 2009

Things Are Never Simple

I really don’t even want to do this blog entry about my flight over from Minneapolis to Sydney, but I will. Just so there’s some continuity to this thing. Claire and I arrived at the airport around 1:30ish after a minor messenger bag mishap. Claire’s mom and my mom were there to send us off along with Pete, they were all in tears. Especially Peter, inconsolable.

Everything seemed to be going smoothly, our flight was on time, Claire and I were able to get seated next to each other, even exit row seats for the flight from L.A. to Sydney! Then we got on the plane, plane goes onto runway, plane sits on runway for 2 hours due to bad weather in Chicago. And things pretty much went downhill from there.

We finally arrived in Chicago after missing our connection by about an hour and half. We are told to get on a flight to San Francisco and have 5 minutes to board. Ah San Francisco, after a 5 hour flight next to a crying toddler and the man next to me totally disregarding where his seat ended and mine began, Claire and I again had to talk to the wonderful Customer Service people of United.

At first we were told that we would not be able to fly to Sydney until the next day. Which made us wonder why we were rushed to San Francisco, the woman finally figured out that we had been checked into a Sydney flight that was leaving in 20 minutes and that was conveniently located at the opposite end of the terminal. So we sprint to our flight and make it on.

Then there was a 14 hour and 20 minute flight to Sydney. I will just say that I will not be coming back to the States unless a land bridge is constructed. I think what hurt the most was the fact that we lost our exit row seats.



  1. And that is why I will never ever fly United to Oz. Sorry it was such a pain the butt.

  2. I guess that’s what we get for getting such a cheap flight. I flew with Quantas when I went to Sydney last year. They were much better.

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